About Us

10BioSystems is a technology company based in New York City providing software and consulting services for the life sciences, biomedical research and healthcare.

10BioSystems designs and implements specialized software and data management systems for leading universities like New York University (Langone) School of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Rockefeller University, leading biotechnology firms and startups engaged in aging & cancer research, clinical research & drug discovery, biofuels & industrial chemicals.

10BioSystems is a team of scientists with backgrounds in biology, computer science and business who have worked in academia and the biotechnology industry. Our team has published and patented in the field of neuroscience, cell biology, bioinformatics and computer science.


Support & Sales: info at 10biosystems dot com

Consulting Inquiries: jayaraj at 10biosystems dot com

Phone: 917-338-6916

Office: New York, NY, USA

What is Biomedical Informatics?

"Biomedical Informatics (BMI) utilizes IT and computer science as tools and methods for improving data acquisition, data management, data analysis, and knowledge generation, but it is driven by a focus on applications based in deep understanding of the science and practice, problems, interactions, culture, and milieu of biomedicine and health. …The focus is not on the IT but on the combination--the interactions of IT systems, human beings, and organizations aimed at achieving a particular purpose.

There has never been a time when the need for individuals well trained in BMI--those who understand the complexities of the human, social, and organizational milieu of biomedicine and health--has been more critical than it is now, as the nation seeks to develop a national infrastructure for biomedicine and health care, and as these fields seek to broadly deploy IT wisely and appropriately." - Greenes, Robert A., and Edward H. Shortliffe. "Commentary: Informatics in biomedicine and health care." Academic Medicine 84.7 (2009): 818-820.